The 21 habits highly successful women entrepreneurs practice

The 21 habits highly successful women entrepreneurs practice

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I’ve met many, many inspiring women over the years who have helped propel me forward to achieving my own dreams as a successful women entrepreneur. There is a certain mindset that creates success and this mindset starts with a set of mainstay habits. Habits that are ingrained. Habits that are automatic in your daily routine.

These 21 habits have shaped how I lead my life as a woman entrepreneur. They keep me sane and grounded!

  1. Creating more than you consume – Write a blog, build a computer, start a business, renovate a room, paint a painting, sew something or create a meal. Give something of yourself to your circle and the world. It feels good. And, by creating more than you consume you’re contributing something of value to others. 
  1. Being consistent – Consistency for me means making decisions and carrying out practices and habits – most of the time! I know that if my mindset is to not punish myself for missing a day of blogging, or skipping my walk because I’m tired, I know I’m being kind to myself.
  1. Allowing yourself to move on from feelings – It’s vital that we allow ourselves to sit in our feelings. When a feeling comes up I don’t push it away… BUT. I can also choose to allow an emotion to pass and move through it. I can sit with my feelings, then gently move them on once I’ve experienced them. I can move on from a feeling. It doesn’t have to consume me.
The 21 habits highly successful women entrepreneurs practice
  1. Figuring out your gift or purpose and sharing it – The world needs you right now and your unique gift is like no one else’s! You literally have something inside you that no one else does. Figure out what this is and share it! You have no idea how valuable this is. And other women will thank you for your authenticity.
  1. Letting go of perfectionism – From a young age we’re often taught that we get more love and acceptance if we ace the test, get the award, be picked first, be skinnier, prettier, better. It’s not something that’s a truth. It’s something we feel. We feel like if we could only do better, try harder, reach our goals faster, we’ll be seen as worthy of the love and acceptance we all deserve. We take it upon ourselves to believe this little lie that ultimately ends up messing with our self esteem and self worth. Over and over again. Thing is. This level of perfectionism is unattainable. Each time we leap that stream, our interpretation of what we need to do next feels even higher, even bigger. Perfectionism is fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being imperfect, wrong, weak or flawed in some way. When we are flawed we are unworthy in our own minds. Unworthy of kindness, compassion, love. Fear is simply a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  1. Learning a breathing technique, or two – I like to draw on three techniques in a crisis or if the shit hits the fan… which it often does in the startup world! The first is box breathing, where you breathe in for 4, hold for 4, breath out for 4, hold for 4… the second is The Alexander technique, which teaches an undoing of muscular tension and contraction… I like to think of it as breathing into your relaxed whole torso… but also lengthening the neck and back on exhale to create space. The video explains it pretty good!  and third is Buteyko breathing, where you practice not overbreathing and breath hold for 5 seconds after a small inhale and exhale to alleviate hyperventilation. 
  1. Investing in your future – Invest in yourself! Education, a course, a new hobby… invest in your mental and physical health… daily… do the small things that stack up to big changes …. Invest in the things you love…your passions… your family… your relationships… use your time wisely. 
Habits of highly successful women entrepreneurs
  1. Practicing patience – When I was a kid we anticipated Christmas for months. The treats, the gifts, the holiday food and the family time spent in our favourite holiday spot camping and boating. We didn’t get random gifts or items of value through the year. Only on birthdays or Xmas. We waited. We waited for cake. We waited for our dinner. We waited for the thing we coveted so badly that it hurt. And we loved every goddamn minute of the wait. The wait is exquisite. Trust me. The wait is where you will find yourself and the life you were meant to lead.
  1. Sleeping in and letting others do the same – AITA for turning on the coffee machine and cranking up the washing machine on a Sunday morning? YES! Yes you are Brad! Don’t be that person. If you’re an early bird, sneak away quietly and enjoy your peaceful time alone while others in your life sleep in. Also allow yourself to indulge guilt free. A sleepin is good for the soul and can do wonders for your productivity.
  1. Being yourself, being authentic -There’s a freedom and a sense of relief from allowing yourself to be the true and real human you were born to be. We all have a filter that we apply to ourselves in order for the world to keep spinning. But, I’m here to tell you that you are doing yourself a massive disservice by not allowing your true and unique self to shine. You were put on this planet for a reason, use it.

  1. Being of service – Life is about service. How can you be of service to the world? How can you show up every single with your unique gifts and offer the world something? Some of the ways I consider I’m being of service include raising my kids to be good humans… helping entrepreneurs… and volunteering at a local food rescue organisation where we collect and re-distribute excess food from cafes and supermarkets to people who need it. 
  1. Practicing gratitude – You can’t be simultaneously grateful and wanting in the same moment. Your mind simply can’t compute that. Sit in gratitude daily. I like to run through my bubbles… myself… my immediate security… my family… wider community, then move to the greater things like the world and life itself! 
  1. Resting & napping– It’s not weak or lazy to take the time your body and mind needs to recuperate. Sometimes you don’t need any excuse at all. We get stuck in busy and forget we are human beings, not human doings! Rest when you need to.
Habits of highly successful women entrepreneurs
  1. Taking responsibility for your own feelings & emotions – What other people think of you is none of your business is one of my favourite sayings. Conversely, what you think and say and feel is wholly your own responsibility. You can choose how to react, you can choose how to respond, you have the power to choose how you face circumstances. Showing up with grace, humility and a strong sense of self awareness brings peace. 
  1. Learning how to listen – We live in our own heads and minds and often when we are engaged with another special person we are so busy trying to figure out our next sentence that we forget to actively listen to those around us. It’s a special kind of person who can listen to another. Really listen. Give them your full attention and see how special you make someone feel. 
  1. Apologising – Learning to say you’re sorry means learning to let go of being right. It’s freeing. And it means you are able to move on far sooner from an argument or disagreement. It strengthens your relationships and tells others that you value them. 
  1. Keeping your promises – First and foremost to yourself. And to others. It shows a great level of respect and consistency when you keep your promises. I think it keeps your mind calm and focussed and brings a level of peace. People can trust you. And, you can trust yourself to follow though. By keeping promises to yourself you’re telling yourself that you are valuable and worthy. That’s pretty special.
  1. Acknowledging and working on your flaws – You can’t continuously go through your life pointing the finger at other people and how they don’t measure up to your ideal standards. You need to take a deep breath in and do some self searching. What are the things that you need to work on? Be honest! It’s truly liberating to acknowledge your foibles and begin to work out the kinks. 
Habits of highly successful women entrepreneurs
  1. Making a decision – There’s one big thing that I’ve learned recently and that’s the power in making a flocking decision. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Just decide, then move forward with grace and purpose. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind! … but don’t sit in inaction or indecisiveness too long. There’s freedom in making choices.
  1. Slowing down – Rushing from one thing to the next doesn’t serve you well. Allow yourself to experience life, not just endure it. Be present with your actions. Move slower, more deliberately and let yourself be in the present.
  1. Setting boundaries – It’s up to you to set the parameters and boundaries of what you will and will not allow into your life. Toxic people, relationships, environments. You can build your wall and choose to lower it if and when you desire. It’s up to you to let people in- or not. On your own terms. Take hold of your power. Audit your life. 

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